Monday, April 8, 2013

RIP Fernando

Well folks, I have some really bad news for you. My cilantro plant, Fernando is dead. That's right. He lived nearly 10 days. Tragic to be taken from this world at such a young age.
But agricultural travesties aside, it's been a great week! This weekend was General Conference, where the prophets and apostles of our day teach us how we can better follow Christ in our lives. People around the world gather in chapels and in their homes to watch the broadcast. Since we watched in Spanish, the parts that stuck out to me most were when they quoted familiar scriptures. And, over and over again, I heard, "Venid a mi," (Come, follow me) and "Venid y ved" (Come and see). Christ's invitation to us is always the same. He invites us to come, to learn of Him, to follow his example. He teaches, inspires, and exhorts. He never forces or coerces, because he values our agency (our ability to choose). And when we do make choices that bring us closer to Him, it brings him so much joy. The best way we can demonstrate our faith in Him, is through our actions, by keeping his commandments and following His example in every way.
Have a wonderful week!

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