Monday, October 7, 2013

The Lovely Leti

Let me tell you about one of my favorite people! Her name is Leti. She is so friendly and has a heart of gold! She comes to church with her sisters and loves to be there. She is in her thirties or so but has a heatlh condition that gives her a very childlike mind. In her mind, she is maybe 3-5 years old. When Christ said that we should all become as little children, I think of Leti. She is humble, kind, and loving to everyone. She is so much like the Savior.

This last week, Sister Silva and I were practicing in the chapel for the musical number when Leti heard the music and poked her head in. When she saw Sister Silva singing, she grinned her huge, happy grin, yelled "Hermanas!", threw out her arms and ran up the aisle in the chapel for a big hug! It was the most wonderful moment! I can't help thinking that, when we meet on the other side and she's got a resurrected and perfected body, the reunion will be something like that.

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