Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Drum Roll Please . . .

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, presenting the incredible (...drum roll...) Hermana Escalante!!!!

Sister Escalante and I have been working together for just over a week now and we are having lots of fun, sometimes too much fun!

This picture is right outside our front door! Las Cruces is just like Hawaii, without the ocean.

If I've learned one thing on my mission, it's that the Lord is ALWAYS closer than we expect. To be that's a comfort, and also makes me want to stand a little taller, be a little better.

So do you want to hear a miracle story? Every night, we take time to plan for the following day. When we do it with the right attitude, it can be a time for God to direct us and put us where He wants us to be. The other day during planning, an interesting thought came to us that we ought to walk down a specific street, Stull, and talk to whoever is outside. Normally our plans are a little more specific than that, but we felt like that's what God wanted us to do.
The next day, we drove to Stull, parked the car, and went for a walk. The first man we talked to told us how his mother recently passed away and he wants to know where she is. We began to explain how death is a part of life and how there is more to come after this life. He was eager to listen, to read about the Plan of Salvation, and to learn more about God's plan for him.
Miracles happen every day. We just have to look for them!

Have a wonderful day!

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