Monday, August 12, 2013

I LOVE Horizon!

Time is a little short today because we're going shopping this afternoon.

People here are ALWAYS going back and forth to Juarez. Most everyone who lives in El Paso has a passport. plus it's not hard to get a visa so you can cross back and forth. There are lots of different kinds of visas - one's where you can stay in the US for three days at a time, ones where you can stay longer. The classic reason why people can't go to church is, "Oh we had to go to Juarez." And there's always a line at the gate. You can drive right over from El Paso to Juarez, but to get back, you have to wait through the line (for security). It can take 45 minutes to 2 hours.

I figured out how the word, "y'all" came to be. Since we're on the border, people around here are familiar with Spanish. And in Spanish, there's a word for "you" that's singular (usted or tu) and there's another word for "you" that's plural (ustedes). After speaking Spanish, I find myself missing the "ustedes" equivalent in English. Y'all is the closest thing.

Oh man! I want to stay in Horizon forever! It is a wonderful place!
Love y'all!

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