Monday, September 23, 2013

Spanglish Stake Conference

The rain has stopped but some puddles just stick around forever!

After all the rain from last week, big scary critters started popping up out of everywhere!

Yes that is a scorpion. And yes the other missionaries decided to keep it as a pet. 

This week was stake conference - woohoo! A stake is a group of congregations in the church, that all come together. You can imagine that the kingdom of God is like a giant tent, and all throughout the world there are these "stakes" that are a part of it, strengthening it. So our stake conference was pretty interesting because half of the people in the area speak English and half speak Spanish. The conference was primarily in English, and the Spanish members wore headsets. However, some talks were in Spanish with English translators, the prayers were in either language, and the hymns were sung in both languages at once. Only in El Paso!

Saturday was a very special day - Sister Silva's birthday!! 

We are so proud of our friend Maria. She has quit smoking! Here is a picture of her with her Declaration of Independence!

And yet another gorgeous Texas sky!

Have a lovely week!

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