Monday, September 2, 2013

Una Semana Llena y Feliz!

It's been a crazy week! And I have lots of pictures to show you!

This week, Raul got baptized. This is the first big step for him and his family. His family has set a goal to go to the temple as soon as possible, one year after his baptism, to be sealed as a family. When they're family is sealed, it means that, as they remain faithful, they can stay together as a family "for time and all eternity." Who wouldn't want those kind of blessings, right?

Doesn't Raul have a great smile? Too bad I had to stealthily take this picture because he doesn't smile for pictures. Glad I got one!

And here he is with Jesse. Look familiar? Jesse was just baptized about a month ago and received the Aaronic Priesthood just afterward. Jesse had the honor of baptizing Raul.

This is the Salas family. Aren't they adorable? Their 8 and 10 year old kids, Ruby and Rudy, were baptized this weekend and both agreed to share their testimonies in the baptismal service. Their faith is an example to me. I'm so happy that we've have the chance to visit with them and help them prepare for baptism.

And this is Rosa and her daughter Jacqueline. Aren't they lovely? They were baptized on Thursday. They are such a sweet family with a lot of faith.

This week, we went on exchanges with "las misioneras de Ysleta," Hermana Pipkin and Hermana Adams. We all got to have a sleepover at our apartment which meant a huge study party the next morning.

Also, we promise we didn't plan this! Sister Pipkin and I had a polka dot theme going that day. :)

The good news is that Sister Silva and I made it through transfers which means we have at least another 6 weeks out here in Horizon. We also will be serving in a trio with a new missionary named Elder Smurf. He helps us out ringing doorbells, planning, and evening filling the baptismal font.

We have the most incredible district! We're so sad to be losing Hermana Adams, Elder Rosales and Elder Mammales on Tuesday. (They're all getting transferred.) But we know that they're going where the Lord needs them.

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