Monday, November 25, 2013

Farewell Horizon City

Drum Roll Please...........

After 7 months in Horizon, I got the call that I'm moving out. I get to stay in El Paso, but I'll be serving in a different area. My time out here in Horizon has been so precious to me. I have met so many incredible people and seen so many miracles. 

It's been such an eventful week! On Tuesday we visited the oldest still-functioning church in the United States. It was built in 1682. We got there 15 minutes after they closed the doors, but the outside was nice! What a beautiful piece of history!

We also visited an old Catholic graveyard from the same time period. The great thing about Mexican graveyards is that they're a happy place, not a spooky place. Doesn't it look happy? The great news is that death doesn't have to be a sad thing because it isn't the end. Everyone - that's right, every single one of us - will continue to exist after we die. And just like Christ, we will be resurrected, where the spirit is reunited with the body, never again to separate or feel any pain! What an incredible gift from the Savior!

This week we had a meeting down in Fabens, which meant a beautiful drive through the fields of San Elizario! it also meant I got to take a picture on the infamous Fabens rooster! 

Monumental news! We got snow! And it's all El Paso can talk about this week! Practically over night, temperatures dropped over 20 degrees and we woke up to snow. Dear Utahns, try not to laugh too hard; this is Texas, after all. This is what El Paso calls "mucha nieve!!"

Of course the worst part about leaving an area is all of the goodbyes! Here are a few pictures of some close friends in our ward. This is Hermana Favela and her daughter Hermana Amaya. They are both so kind and faith-filled. I have loved the opportunity to learn from their examples!

And this is our good bishop and his family. They are just wonderful - such a missionary family! They truly have their eye "single to the glory of God."

And of course I'm so sad to be leaving behind my partners in crime, the lovely Sister Oxley as well as the other sisters in our ward, Hermana Pipkin and Hermana Maxwell. I also am going to miss Elder and Sister Muntzing, who are serving as missionaries in the ward as well - such a powerful couple, determined to serve the Lord! I know that they'll keep doing incredible work here in Mission Trail ward. 

I'm definitely going to miss this beautiful town of Horizon. But my good friend, the Happy Meal Cowardly Lion, gave me some good advice: Be strong and of good courage!

Well I'm signing out, here in Horizon. Who knows where I'll be emailing from next week! Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Biancardi

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