Friday, February 15, 2013

Mi cena es blown!

Life in the Missionary Training Center is the most fantastic blend of the ridiculous and the sublime. One minute, everyone in our district is sharing their favoirte scriptures and pouring their hearts out to each other and the next minute, the elders are racing Hershey's kisses down a desk. That's right. Our desks are slanted a bit and they found that if you shake the desk, everything will slide off. So on Valentine's Day, when my companion Sister Silva came in with a big bag of Hershey's hugs and kisses to share, the slanted desk became the perfect vehicle for a horse race. It was absolutely hilarious!
Our district is so much fun that Sister Silva and I started a list of favorite quotes. My personal favorite is, "Mi cena es blown!" (He mixed up the words for "mind" and "dinner.")
Sister Silva and I love singing the hymns together but we don't know all the words in Spanish yet. Our current favorite is "Jesus es mi Luz" ("The Lord is my Light"). Unfortunately the title line is pretty much the only line we know, so we end up singing, "Jesus es mi luz, Jesus es mis luz, Jesus es mi luz...." It's pretty fantastic! One of these days, we'll learn the rest of the words.
Have a fantastic week!

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