Monday, May 20, 2013

Jam-Packed Blessings!

A few days back we had our first desert storm! I'm talking pouring-down rain, lightning, thunder, the whole shabang! It was a little taste of home, but a lot angrier than Oregon rain.
I had my first pinata experience this week! Did you know that there is a song that goes along with the pinata? You all chant this song and then by the time it's over, it's the next person's turn. I would tell you the song, but all I caught was, "Dale! Dale Dale!"
So there is a scripture in Isaiah 58 that talks about the blessings of obeying one simple commandment. We're going to talk about the blessings first. "Thou shalt call and the Lord will answer." When you cry out God will respond, "Here I am!"  He will guide you continually and satisfy your soul. Doesn't that sound incredible? Now I bet you're all thinking, "What is this commandment? Can I keep it so I can get amazing blessings like that?" And the commandment jam-packed with blessings is... drum roll please.... fasting. That's right. Are you shocked? Because I definitely was! There are so many different ways to fast: fasting from bad habits, fasting from a vice, and the traditional fast from 2 meals. It's amazing the power and strength that God will give us when we are willing to sacrifice, even just a little bit, for Him.

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