Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Days!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Did you know that in Mexico, they celebrate Mother's Day on the 10th, but in the United States it was on the 12th this year. That means that in El Paso, there are two Mother's Days! If a mother is ever feeling unloved, she ought to move here.
This week, we've been learning about following the promptings of the Spirit. You know that happy feeling you get when you pray or do something nice for someone? That's the Spirit, telling you that what you're doing is good. There is a scripture that says that the Spirit "will show unto you all things that ye should do." Now you're probably asking, "All things? Surely you only mean spiritual things!" Nope. I kid you not. The Spirit is not limited in what kinds of things he can tell you. Now of course, everyone has the ability to make choices and so often God will let us use our best judgement. But at any time, God can tell you, "Pull into that gas station." "Call this person." "Go talk to that person." My companion and I are learning very quickly that God is a pretty smart guy, so when He tells us to do something, we hop to it!
Well everyone, have a wonderful day!

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