Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flash Floods!

El Paso is a desert, which means that we get flash floods! The morning started off clear and sunny! I even got a little sun burned while teaching an investigator outside his house. Then around 4 o'clock, the rain came pouring down, accompanied by hail, lightning, and thunder! Now I'm from Oregon so I'm no sissy when it comes to rain, but I guess El Paso isn't built for rain like Oregon is. Everything was flooded!
We saw cars with water up to the bumpers! The intersections looked like a choppy lake!

When we got to our next appointment, we had to cross the street (read: river). Luckily we found some speed bumps and we able to jump across there, where the water was only a couple inches deep.

Within two hours, the rain had stopped, the roads had drained, and everything looked peaceful. I was shocked at how quickly the flood came and went!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, how do El Paso flash floods relate to the gospel? Let me tell you! If you were planting a garden, would you rather have a little rain every day or so, or would you rather have a month of drought followed by a flash flood? That's right! Plants need to be watered consistently, a little at a time. In the same way, our spirits need to be fed a little at a time, every day. Daily, consistent prayer and scripture study will create flourishing greenery. Does you spiritual garden get flash floods and droughts, or daily rain?
Happy Easter!

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