Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On My Mission, I Got to Build a Castle!

We had some spare time on Thursday and we thought it would be a good idea to meet a woman in our ward named Hermana Portillo. She let us in and said she really didn't have a lot of time. She was making the quinceaƱera cake for one of the young women in the ward and the party was the very next day! We offered to help and at first she was hesitant but finally agreed.
Oh my lanta! What a cake! It was a 300 person cake, designed like a castle with 20 turrets all made out of fondant. This was the most ridiculously huge cake ever! We got to knead fondant, glue the towers together, spray paint different pieces, frost, and put it all together! It was lots of fun, and more importantly, we really felt like God put us there so that we could be there to help someone who desperately needed the help.
I love Easter because, of all the holidays, it is the most relevant to every single one of us! Why does the death and resurrection of Christ matter to us? It is because of Him that we can live again after this life, because of Him that we can live better lives every day, because of Him that joy can always conquer pain. I invite every single one of you to cut three minutes out of the time you would have been on Facebook or Netflix today, and watch this video about how Christ matters to you. mormon.org/becauseofhim
Have a wonderful week everyone!


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