Tuesday, May 20, 2014

107 Miracles

This week we watched a movie, "17 Miracles," that tells the story of some pioneers crossing the plains. They faced lots of hard times, but through their faith, they were able to see lots of miracles! I feel like the movie was poorly named because there were definitely MORE than 17 miracles in it!

Every day, we are surrounded by miracles! We just have to notice them!

This week we met a woman who had attended the Church for a year with her aunt when she was 12. God was preparing her way back then to learn more about the gospel at this stage in her life! That was a miracle!

This week Heavenly Father prompted us to pull over and get out at the same time he prompted a man to step outside and get some fresh air. We had a great conversation about the gospel and we all really felt the Spirit. That was a miracle!

This week, we read the scriptures with a family who's been going through a lot of trials. We simply started reading where they had left off last, and what we read applied so well to them and their situation! That was a miracle!

Here's a picture of another miracle we saw this week!

and another miracle!

Isn't it beautiful! Now this one, I wouldn't call a miracle, but it definitely made us laugh!

And here's your Spanish lesson for the day! This is my new favorite saying in Spanish! Keep in mind that these to phrases are pronounced identically in Spanish.

"Las almas devotas se van a los cielos"
"Las almas de botas se van a los cielos"

The moral of the story is that everyone ought to buy a pair of boots! (If you're confused, try google translate or phone a friend.)

Have a wonderful day!!!

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