Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Celebrating My Adulthood!

Well, I have exciting news for you all - I'm an aunt! My adorable nephew, Joseph Philippus Pluim, was born Friday morning! Isn't he cute?

 We celebrated my aunthood by going to Carl's Jr (I know, we're real big spenders!) Even though I couldn't be there for to meet him in person, I got to feel like I was there by helping to make two cakes for baby showers this week! :)

We can make one for Joseph in a few months. :)

In the meantime, life here in El Paso is great! This week we had the chance to meet an incredible woman who is so grateful for everything in her life! She's grateful for her humble home, and she keeps it beautiful. She's grateful for her job, even though it is below her abilities and previous experience. She taught me a powerful lesson. Gratitude is a choice. It is not dependent on our situation, but rather on our heart.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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