Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Family!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers' Day! I actually had two wonderful Mothers' Days! That's right! In America, they celebrate it on the second Sunday of the month, and in Mexico they celebrate it on the 10th of May, so in El Paso, they celebrate both!
Yesterday I got the chance to call home to my family, 21st century style! We had a four-way Google Hangout with me here in El Paso; Jessica, Joshua, Joseph (baby!!!!) and Michael in Utah; Mom, Dad, and Rochelle in Wisconsin of all places, and Christine in Taiwan! World wide family reunion - Google Hangout ought to make a commercial of us! It was good to see everyone and know that they're just as insane as ever! Oh how I love them!
This week we got to attend a baptism with four friends of ours who had never seen a baptism before. There really is an incredible feeling at a baptism, because that person is making a promise with the Lord that their going to follow the Savior. And that is a reason to celebrate! So if you've never seen a baptism, call your local missionaries and ask to be invited! Or check out this video of Christ's baptism!
Well everyone, I hope life is treating you well! Have a great week!

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