Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Missionary Life is a Party!

The great thing about El Paso (besides weather that melts a frozen water bottle in under an hour) is the huge variety of churches! We love driving around and seeing those creative signs out front. Here are a few that made us smile this week:

Every three months we have a big missionary party known as a Zone Conference. This is the best kind of party there is - we get together and learn to be better missionaries, hear from our Mission President, receive revelation, sing hymns, eat delicious food, and take a Zone picture!

[Zone picture to be posted next week]

One of my favorite quotes from this Conference was from Sister Miller. She spoke about our journey in this life and how we have the opportunity to have a positive impact on those around us. I think that her counsel applies to all of us, whatever our circumstances. She said, "What are you leaving behind? Are you making the path better for those who will follow behind?"

Have a lovely week everyone!!!

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