Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We have the privilege to be teaching the cutest family on the planet - the Vargas family. The other day, we started the lesson by saying, “We’re gonna play a game. We each list off types of metal and whoever can’t think of one has to pray.” And we go around the circle until someone says “oro” which means “gold” but it also means “I pray.” Hermano Vargas is the one who fell for it. He said “oro” and we said “Oh, you want to pray? Okay!” His wife thought it was hilarious!!
(Did that joke make sense? It’s funnier in Spanish…)

So the next day we get to our lesson and 8 year old Chris says that we’re playing a game and whoever can’t think of a type of flower in 10 seconds says the prayer. His mom, pretended to be thinking and thinking then at the last second said a flower and goes, “Oh Denise has to pray! She didn’t say a flower!” (Denise is two years old). So we all kneel down to pray except Denise. She lies on her stomach with her hands folded underneath her face. Then she prays in two-year old babble for about 3 minutes. The only intelligible words I got out of it were "juguetes "(toys) and "hermanas" (sister missionaries). That family is so stinkin' cute!!!!

Life in El Paso continues to be awesome! I'd give you more details, but we're going to go party for my birthday! Have a wonderful week!!!

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