Monday, June 23, 2014

Flautas and Forklifts

Our cooking adventures are escalating here in El Paso - this week we invented breakfast flautas! That's right! Scrambled eggs, turkey, and cheese, rolled into a flauta!

Our next great challenge will be the dessert flautas! We're thinking of opening a restaurant one day and calling it, "The Magic Flauta." (If that's not funny to you, you either need to brush up on your Spanish or on your classical music history.)

Great news! Sister Hendricks and I get to work together for one more transfer!

Being a missionary can be an adventure! The other day, our missionary-ing took us on to a construction site. You know, the kind that has a big sign, "hard hat zone." What brought us there, you might ask. Delicious tacos and aguas frescas! A friend from the church has a friend who sells delicious food and he happened to be parked there for the lunch hour, so we braved heavy machinery and confused looks from workers to go get some amazing street tacos!

And some food for thought! With some of the people we teach, I've been pondering the family a lot this week. Want to know how to have a happy, unified family? The answer is absurdly simple - build your foundation on the doctrine and example of Jesus Christ. Love. Patience. Respect. Selflessness. It's oh so simple, and boy is it hard!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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