Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Family Home Evening

Have you ever been to a Family Home Evening? Well you should definitely try it out! Just go to your Mormon friends' house on any Monday night and you will definitely have fun!

Last night we got to go to two FHEs. In the first, four families from the church got together, sang a hymn, talked about how we can put on the armor of God everyday, and ate some delicious treats.

For our second FHE, we went to the Sanchez family's home. We played a silly but fun game to remember the 10 commandments. It's called "Listo, listo, cae!" It was an intense game! Though the house was full of adults and teenagers, 7-year-old Sophia won!
This week, I learned that gratitude is a choice and that it can fight off almost any negative thought or feeling. If you don't believe me, try it!
Have a lovely week!


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  2. I learned a lot about FHE from your family! I love reading your blog, what an amazing missionary you are!!!