Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Language Study Technique: Eating Jalepenos

Well this week, we were so happy that Gerardo decided to make a covenant with the Lord and be baptized. It's a big step to take at the age of 15, but he's more than ready. It was so exciting to see all the youth participating in his baptism - giving talks, saying prayers, leading the hymns, even giving him an official welcome to the Young Men's program.

In other big news, this week we got to eat stuffed jalapenos! Picture this - whole jalapenos, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and grilled. It was the most delicious thing! I highly recommend it! Lots of people around here tell us that eating spicy food will help us learn the language faster. I think it's true too!
You know when someone tells you something and you just know in your mind and your heart that it's true? Well that feeling comes from the Spirit, and the Spirit comes when missionaries are called of God and testify with power and authority. There's a story in the Book of Mormon where the missionaries testified with such power that "it were not possible that they should disbelieve their words." What an incredible power that came to those righteous missionaries because they taught the truth and the lived what they preached.
Have a wonderful week!

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