Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Favorite Skunks and Quotes

Lately we've spent a lot of time on the far edge of our area. South of Las Cruces there are a few little towns- Vado, Mesquite, La Mesa, San Miguel- and we get to teach people in all of them! I love driving down the highway and seeing pecan orchards and fields! Every part of the world is beautiful in it's own way. However, with new terrain, comes new critters that I never saw all that often before. There's one neighborhood where we see 2-3 skunks every time we go!

Our new district leader, Elder Chamberlain loves inspirational quotes - he even keeps whole books of them! This quote about the refiners fire really caught my attention. The Lord leaves us in the refiners fire for a purpose. That purpose is so that we will become purified, so the Lord can see his reflection in us.

And I guess it was just a week of inspirational quotes! I went on exchanges so I got to visit a different area for a day. Sister Yenchik and I got to spend the day teaching on campus at NMSU. That was a new experience! I also got to steal inspirational quotes off the walls of their apartment. Here are a few highlights:

Well everyone, hope you have a lovely week!

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