Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scripture Power

The scriptures have a real power!

This week we started teaching an incredible woman named Maria. She studies the Bible, and eagerly accepted a Book of Mormon. When we came back the very next day, she had already read 8 chapters!
A few days later, she told us how the trials seem to be piling up in her life. We could see that she was under a lot of stress. I was racking my brain, trying to determine which scripture we ought to share with her to help bring her peace, when a quote from general conference popped into my mind.  "It really doesn’t matter [which verse]. ...open up the Book of Mormon, for instance, and begin to read. Soon the feeling of peace and inspiration will come, and a solution will present itself.”
So we let the book fall open and started reading. We read and discussed three short verses, and immediately I could see a clear change in her countenance, it was like night and day! She was calm, happy, confident. She said the scriptures were even giving her goosebumps!
I know that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are not a nice idea, or good advice. They are counsel straight from God to us, through his representatives the prophets.

This week, our friend Orlando took a big step - baptism! He moved to Colorado shortly there after, but the good news is that the Church is the same, no matter what state or country you find yourself in.

Have a great week

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