Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Only in El Paso

These folks get an A for creativity! It's a little hard to see, but this is two people, standing on neighboring roofs, to hold the pinata for a crowd down below. I think we're not in Portland, Oregon anymore!

Our brave friend Kimberly had back surgery for scoliosis this week! She is so sweet and kind, even when she's in a lot of pain! She is such an example to me of patience and charity. The least we could do is leave a heart attack on their door! (Hearts, courtesy of the Munoz family!)

This week we were assigned a new car! This one has a fancy screen that tells us the temperature, but sometimes, I'd really rather not know!

This week, a phrase popped out at me! I think someone read the scripture in a meeting this week. "Newness of life." That's what Christ promises us. Who doesn't want a fresh start? Another chance? A new resolve to do better and to be better? Christ invites us to change and He's the one that makes that change possible.

Have a lovely week! 

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